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Portrait of Christina Knight

A Collaboration with Christina Knight, A Quinta da Lage and StudioCollectif

Portrait of Christina Knight

The region of south-west Alentejo is in many ways a magnet for those who are looking to life an alternative life. Whether that is living out of a van and surfing all day, or sleeping in a yurt somewhere deep in a valley and living off the land — you are bound to find many interesting characters in this part of Europe. Christina Knight is someone who would fall into this category.


Lukas Reiner feat. her tree & Seydou


Lukas has a long journey behind him. He has been living with his girlfriend and little daughter in the tiny state of San Marino for almost a year and is learning Italian. The 27-year-old looks dreamy, chooses his words slowly and carefully as he talks about his life. At first he was also at high school before he switched to the technical branch of the Realschule in Simbach and did more sports than music. Football was his, piano and flute too, but not with the passion that awoke in him when he founded his own band at the age of 13. It was called “Karo*” and Lukas had the part of the guitarist and took over the part of the songwriter together with the singer, who was also his neighbor at the same time. His sister played drums and soon the band gave their first concerts.

Lukas Reiner (2022)

Wo die Liebe beginnt

Lukas Reiner (2022)

Regenbogen- farben

Mari & Friends (2021)


Miriam (2021)


It´s time to change the perspective.

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