Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.

Robert Altman

"Smilo" - Marco Sukop

Medicine Woman University

Stefanie Lampert & Vanessa Allgaier


Medicine Woman University reminds you of the forgotten knowledge of the medicine women of our world. She reminds you of the wisdom and medicine of your soul and teaches you techniques that accompany you and others in their power and their soul paths.

Our Medicine Woman Elemental trainings introduce you to the magic of urban shamanism, holistic healing work & transpersonal psychology. It is not only a deep journey into your inner transformation, but also training in coaching, energy work, systemic-energetic constellations, tantric medicine and alchemy, regression, shadow work, shamanic hypnosis, soul work, nature therapy and body work. Our Medicine Woman Elemental training courses train you in exactly these sustainable methods, so that you can professionally accompany others in their diverse processes.

Lukas Reiner (2022)

Regenbogen- farben

Fridays For Future (04.09.21)


Lisa - Innerpeace Yoga (2021)


Portugal (2021)


It´s time to change the perspective.

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