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Natural Building Course

at A Quinta Da Lage, Portugal (September 2022)

Natural Building Course (2022)

Natural Building Course hosted by Lola Byron at A Quinta Da Lage, a regenerative farm in Alentejo, Portugal.

Permaculture Design Course

at A Quinta Da Lage, Portugal (September 2022)

Permaculture Design Course (2022)

Permaculture Design Course hosted by Kyle Smith and Lola Byron at A Quinta Da Lage, a regenerative farm in Alentejo, Portugal.

Fridays For Future (04.09.21)


Sukhothai - Thailand (2019)

The Dawn of Happiness

Fridays For Future (29.11.19)


Bilmati e.V. (2018)

100 Years of War Child


War experiences of children from different generations (German)

100 YEARS OF WAR CHILD (2018)​

In ten interviews, ten war children from different generations report and reflect on their childhood during the war and their lives afterwards. Despite all the differences in the various armed conflicts, one basic commonality or parallel should be made tangible in the reports: What ballast weight is given to a child for their whole life and how their whole life is marked with it…

Richard re-uploaded this documentary because we think it couldn’t be more timely given what’s happening in our world right now. It shows the terrible experiences and consequences of war, especially for children.

Wake up – stand up – stand up for peace!

It´s time to change the perspective.

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